A mesmerising, intense performer, Steve’s control of the instrument is obvious. Impressive percussive playing balances with sensitive treatment of intricate celtic and jazz form. A broad and stunning grasp of folk, bluegrass, & americana genres is unmistakeable, especially when he chooses to sing, lending both a vulnerability and an insight into his unshakeable connection with the music.

With a solid following, he’s now building acclaim from those in the industry- including some of Australia’s best known guitarists.

Steve won the Open Instrumental at Tamworth Country Music Festival for his performance of Tommy Emmanuel’s ‘Tall Fiddler’ and was named as Young Instrumentalist of the Year 2011 at the National Folk Festival (Canberra).

Based in Melbourne, Steve plays solo and often with ‘Marilla Homes and the Housemen’. In addition to their schedule, Steve is known to take stages with Melbourne bluegrass darlings Paddy Montgomery, Daniel Watkins, Silas Palmer. A star at Andrew Clermont’s Supper Club at Woodford Folk Festival, Steve’s percussive and delicate DADGAD fingerstyle is gaining audiences faster than we can keep track of.

Now working full time in the industry, Steve offers lessons. He is particularly sought by students for his open tuning technique. He is available for corporate events or special occasions when not on tour.


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