Steve O’Hern is a highly skilled acoustic and electric guitarist, teacher, arranger and composer who is based in Melbourne.

Having spent many years studying classical guitar he is able to bring precision, imagination and fluid technique to anything he puts his hand to.

In 2010 he was invited into the prestigious NSW Talent Development Project ( This program runs intensive performance and music career building workshops run by industry names such as Angry Anderson, John Paul Young and Mark Williams from Dragon to name a few. Steve spent much of his time accompanying fellow graduates; refining his ear and musicality in doing so. He graduated in the class of 2012.

After graduating, Steve moved to Melbourne. He has immersed himself in Melbourne’s music culture and played with a number of groups. He is a part time guitar teacher at the Manhattan School of Music in Eltham. In 2015 Steve is focusing on music tuition and session work.

A seasoned and skilled player player, Steve’s musical journey has included learning music of all different styles including, classical guitar, thumbpicking, bluegrass, percussive fingerstyle, blues, funk, jazz, folk and celtic to name a handful. He has also studied the techniques and styles of musician such as Andy Mckee, Eric Roche, Bryan Sutton, Tony Rice, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Tony McManus and John Doyle to name but a few.

Steve is a highly versatile player, with a keen ear and sensitive approach when it comes to accompanying individuals and playing in a group situation. Steve is capable of playing most styles with seamless transition.

To book Steve for your next recording, gig or tour email;

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