Shane Briggs Workshop 3

Look back at some Highlights over the past few years…

– Melbourne Guitar Makers Festival – 26th & 27th October 2013

I got to play on a round robin stage at the Makers Festival. The other guitarists I shared the stage with were Sheldon KingLucas Michailidis, Simon Fox and the second half addition Alesa Lajana. This was where I was first introduced to Shane Briggs and his Multi-Scale Guitar (which I may or may not have begged the organisers to arrange for me to play…).

Dean Jones Fan Fret

Check out this gorgeous guitar and Shane’s other pretty guitars at – http://shanebriggsguitars.com/

– Gold Coast Convention and Entertainment Centre – 13th October 2013

Definitely my favourite gig of the year. I got to perform a 2 song bracket at the Clubs NSW Conference Party. This was a concert held at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. Some of the performers at this concert were massive names. The Axis of Awesome, Ross Wilson and Daryl Braithwaite were some of these names.

I also had the incredible honour of meeting Molly Meldrum, who pulled me back on stage after my set to give me encouragement and presented me with a personally signed hat. Definitely my proudest moment of 2013!

Here’s the hat!!

Molly Hat Full

Signed Molly Hat

And here’s a photo of Ross Wilson’s set at the end of the concert taken from the sound desk…

Gold Coast Convention Centre Sound Desk Picture of Concert

Sometimes, just sometimes, my job is really quite awesome!

– Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre -5th September 2013

I had the great chance to play a piece at the NSW Training Awards. It was nice to be back in Sydney for an afternoon and hang out down at the Harbour. This gig is one of the highlights because what I was doing was displayed on screens behind me. Look Ma! I’m on TV…sort of.

Look Ma Im on TV



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